King of the Hill BannerWelcome to Groggy’s King of the Hill reviews! This site will examine King of the Hill episodes two at a time, AV Club-style. It shocks me that no similar site exists, so why not fill a niche for my fellow KOTH obsessives? Grab your Alamo beer and meet me in the alley – we’ve got 259 episodes to cover.

Warning: These reviews are written by and primarily for fans, so beware of spoilers and presumed familiarity with characters and ongoing plot lines. I considered an introductory essay for newbies, but decided this site would work better without a Unified Theory of King of the Hill guiding it. If you can’t find Arlen, Texas on a map, or aren’t able to tell Hank Hill from Dale Gribble, check out Wikipedia or TV Tropes before plunging in.

I acknowledge a heavy debt to Jaime Weinman’s King of the Hill Revisited column on Maclean’s for background on the show’s development and production history. And Weinman’s excellent reviews are the gold standard to which we aspire. Sadly, Weinman only made it through a season-and-a-half; here’s hoping we have better luck.

First review tomorrow! Boil up some Mountain Dew – it’s gonna be a long night.

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