This site is run by Groggy Dundee*, longtime blogger and King of the Hill fan. Watching KOTH, whether with my family or alone, is one of my mundane, everyday pleasures in life. I consider this blog a small way of giving back to a show that’s created so many memories. Hopefully you will enjoy reading my reviews as much as I enjoy writing them.

If you like this site, please check out my film blog at Nothing is Written: A Film Blog.

* – a pseudonym; my real name is not Groggy and I’m not from Dundee.


2 Responses to About

  1. Tacie says:

    I love your reviews of season one of KotH, but where are your reviews of the other 12 seasons? The A/V Club removed their reviews of the series, so I’m bereft of reviews!!! Help!!!


    • groggydundee says:

      Hi Tacie, thanks for the support! Sadly I was sidetracked by other projects. I’ll try getting this blog off the ground; there’s a new post up today.


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